Journal Publicity

There are multiple ways that AGU can work with authors to provide publicity for their published work. Examples include press releasesAGU blogsResearch Spotlights, and mentions in social media platforms by AGU and/or Wiley.

  • During the review process, AGU editors may nominate a paper to be featured in the Research Spotlight section of Research Spotlights are linked to the paper and journal.
  • AGU’s Public Information Office reviews accepted papers to evaluate them for newsworthiness.
  • An author’s institution may want to coordinate publicity with AGU or do independent publicity. Please contact AGU’s Public Information Office if your institution is planning a press release or event.

Authors may submit information on a paper to the AGU Public Information Office to request a review on the paper’s newsworthiness. Several criteria are applied to determine whether a paper is newsworthy including, but not limited to, scientific significance, impact on society, originality, and whether the story could spark interest outside the direct scientific field. Not all papers that submit a request will receive publicity from AGU. To learn more about the criteria for potential publicity and to submit information on your paper for possible publicity, go to the AGU News site!