Dual Publication Policy

Prior Publication

AGU publishes journals and books for the purpose of disseminating reports of original investigations to its membership, the general scientific community and the public at large.

In order to preserve the integrity of AGU publications with respect to publishing original investigations, AGU prohibits the submission of material for publication that has been previously published in any form that constitutes public distribution.   Specifically, any document that is accessible to a library user, who does not have special access or privileges, directly or indirectly in paper or electronic form is considered published, except as noted below. 

Previously published explicitly does not include oral or poster presentations, meeting abstracts or student theses/dissertations. Posting of a preprint of an article via electronic media does not constitute prior publication unless with a service which provides archiving with citation protocols and public retrieval capabilities. In the latter case removal of the preprint from the archive will be sufficient for AGU to consider it as unpublished.

Publication in Eos does not constitute dual publication if an author submits a manuscript on the same research to one of the AGU journals. Eos articles present material in a completely different manner from the archival publication.

Publication of an article in any language prior to submission to an AGU journal constitutes dual publication.

Other exceptions of postings or publications required for legal or other reasons may be considered at the discretion of the editors.

Dual Submission

AGU will not consider for publication a manuscript that has been submitted to another peer-reviewed journal with the same basic scientific content reaching the same fundamental conclusions. This does not prohibit the submission to AGU of a manuscript that has been rejected by a peer-reviewed journal so long as that original submission and review process has been completed.

Specific questions with respect to this policy should be directed to the Editor in Chief of the relevant journal.

Approved by Council 15 May 2013