Usage Permissions

For information on requesting permission to reuse AGU content, please click on the “permissions” link on any journal or book home page in the Wiley Online Library.

Permission is granted for individuals to make single copies for personal use in research, study, or teaching and to use figures, tables, and short quotes from the journal for republication. This permission does not extend to posting a copy of the PDF or HTML created by AGU for publication. There is no charge for any of these uses, but the material must be cited appropriately.

Rights Granted to Authors

AGU’s philosophy recognizes the need to ensure that authors have a say in how their works are used and the necessity to foster broad dissemination of scientific literature while protecting the viability of the publication system. The following nonexclusive rights are granted to AGU authors:

  • All proprietary rights other than copyright (such as patent rights)
  • The right to present the material orally
  • The right to reproduce figures, tables, and extracts properly cited
  • The right to make paper copies of all or part of the contribution for classroom use
  • The right to deny subsequent commercial use of the contribution
  • The right to place the contribution or its abstract on his/her personal Web site as described below.


Permission to Deposit an Article in an Institutional Repository

Adopted by Council 13 December 2009

AGU allows authors to deposit their journal articles if the version is the final published citable version of record, the AGU copyright statement is clearly visible on the posting, and the posting is made 6 months after official publication by the AGU.

Permission to Post an Article to Author’s Web Site

Authors may post their unformatted papers or their abstracts to their own Web sites or their departmental Web sites according to the guidelines listed below. If authors wish to post preprints of their articles on other sites, they should be aware of the relevant part of the Dual publication policy that deals with preprints:

Dual Publication Policy: “…Electronic posting of preprints to services that provide or purport to provide archiving and citability constitutes publication. If the preprint is removed from the archive, it is no longer considered published…”

  1. If the paper has been submitted for publication, but not yet accepted, the author should include the following statement if he/she places the paper on a Web site:
    • “Submitted for publication in (journal title).”
  2. If the paper has been accepted for publication and copyright has been transferred to AGU, the author may place the paper on his/her own Web site with the following statement appearing on the first screen of the abstract or article:
    • “Accepted for publication in (journal title). Copyright (year) American Geophysical Union. Further reproduction or electronic distribution is not permitted.”
  3. If the paper has been published, or when it is published, the above statement should be changed to the following:
    • “An edited version of this paper was published by AGU. Copyright (year) American Geophysical Union.”

    It is recommended that the full citation and a link to the open abstract also be provided:

    • “Author(s), Year of publication (in parentheses), Title of article, Name of journal, Volume number, Citation number, Digital Object Identifier (DOI). To view the published open abstract, go to and enter the DOI.”

    Providing the full bibliographic reference helps assure that authors receive full credit through correct citation to their articles, while including the url directs viewers to the published abstract.

  4. If an article was placed in the public domain, the following statement should appear on the first screen of the abstract or article:
    • “Not subject to U.S. copyright”. Please substitute “published” for the word “copyright” in the credit line mentioned in items 2 and 3.