AGU Advances

AGU Advances is an influential, highly selective “gold” open access journal publishing seminal research from across the Earth and space sciences and related interdisciplinary fields that has broad and immediate implications and is of interest to researchers across the Earth and space science disciplines, the broader science community, policy makers, and the public. It publishes novel, innovative research in the form of full-length papers, and will serve as a complement to AGU’s prestigious and well-respected portfolio of journals.

AGU’s Executive Director/CEO Chris McEntee said of AGU Advances upon its launch, “Over the last century, Earth and space science has advanced greatly to address the challenges and opportunities society has faced. AGU too has advanced during that time, working diligently to provide our community with the highest quality, most well-respected journals in which to share their scientific knowledge. Today, as we prepare to mark AGU’s Centennial, society depends on Earth and space science more than ever to ensure our ability to address the challenges and opportunities of the future. AGU Advances will help us to build on the legacy and impact created by Geophysical Research Letters, AGU’s leading letters-length journal, and our 19 other prestigious journals, as we accelerate scientific discovery and the exchange of knowledge, and work to inform those inside and beyond our community about the critical contributions Earth and space science makes to improving lives around the world.”

Journal Scope

AGU Advances is an open-access journal that publishes high-impact, novel, and timely scientific research advances in the Earth and space sciences. The editorial board will be formed from the AGU College of Fellows, including at least one from each section (primary or secondary for those sections with few fellows) to cover all Earth and space science and related interdisciplinary topics. Papers are expected to have broad and immediate implications in their discipline and be of broad interest to researchers in other Earth science disciplines, the broader science community, and the public. They will represent the top few papers published on topics each year. The size of the journal would be limited to 150 papers/year to showcase the papers and science but will likely publish fewer papers in the first several years as it develops. All papers will be considered as Research Articles (can be up to 25 publication units without excess page fees) and should include details on methods and data to support reproducibility. The journal will strive for as rapid review as possible while maintaining quality. The editorial board will send out only those papers most suitable to the journal. The journal will be supported by a managing editor position at AGU. Published papers will receive additional attention and publicity by AGU, and many or most will be accompanied by Commentaries and/or additional Highlights aimed at explaining the research to a broad audience. GRL remains AGU’s premier Letters-length journal.

Beginning with the inaugural issue in late 2018/early 2019, AGU Advances aims to publish at most around 150 papers per year.

AGU is conducting a search for a scientist to lead the journal as Editor in Chief.

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