Publication Fees and Length Guidelines

Authors in several AGU journals are asked to help support publication through payment of author fees for accepted articles. Publication fees vary by journal and were designed to keep institutional subscriptions affordable for these journals; details can be found here.

Research Articles in most AGU journals have an allowed length of 25 publication units. Letters in Geophysical Research Letters (GRL) and Technical Reports on Data or Methods in Earth and Space Science have an allowed length of 12 publication units (1 unit = 500 words or 1 table or figure; title, plain language summary, author lists, references, and all supplements are excluded).  AGU encourages research publications that are thorough but also concisely presented. This benefits readers as well as reviewers, who are increasingly taxed. Editorial and production costs also scale with length. However, all AGU journals except GRL allow longer papers beyond these guidelines for an additional fee (see table) that reflects these incentives. Submissions to GRL that are longer than the allowed length of 12 Publication Units will be returned immediately for shortening.

Open Access is available for any AGU journal. Information on options, fees, and policies are available here.

Funder and institutional discounts for open access – Many funders and institutions now completely cover or take advantage of discounts on open access author publishing charges in AGU journals through accounts with our publishing partner, Wiley. These instances may apply to any author while others apply only for the corresponding author of the paper. Find out if your institution has an account.

AGU discounts and waivers – AGU through Wiley offers discounts or waivers on fees from authors under particular circumstances and from certain countries. Specific information can be found here.

Requests for waivers of publication and/or excess page fees are considered by AGU and the editors.  Please explain your request in an email to the journal or in your cover letter.