Publication requirements

When submitting to an AGU journal, authors must affirm the following:

  1. All listed authors have read the final manuscript, agreed to be an author, approved of the order of authors, and met AGU’s criteria for authorship.
  2. The manuscript is an original contribution by the authors. Parts that are taken from previously published content are appropriately referenced and quoted.  AGU checks all manuscripts for plagiarism using Crosscheck. Please see our Prior Publication Policy for details and exceptions.
  3. The authors have permission to use or reuse any copyrighted material and data that are presented in the manuscript.
  4. This manuscript is not and will not be submitted elsewhere while it is under consideration by an AGU journal.
  5. Other manuscripts by any of the authors that are related to this submission that are under consideration elsewhere at any time during the editorial process are or will be disclosed to the editors.
  6. The authors agree to comply with AGU publication policies.