Submission and Review

AGU’s Geophysical Electronic Manuscript Submission (GEMS) system allows authors to submit manuscripts online to be edited and peer-reviewed. Download our Submission Checklists (for initial submission or for resubmission or revision of a manuscript after peer review) to help prepare your article and follow our guidelines.

AGU editors welcome contributions from authors throughout the world. The decision to accept a contribution for publication is made by the journal editor solely on the basis of suitability of subject matter to the focus of the journal, originality of the contribution, and scientific merit. The editor has complete responsibility and authority to accept a submitted article for publication or to reject it.

GEMS submission sites

Reviews of Geophysics is an invitation-only journal. If you would like to submit a manuscript to be considered for publication, please send a brief proposal to [email protected]. The proposal should include proposed title, list of authors, abstract, outline, and an analysis of recent similar review articles, and should explain how the journal’s target audience would benefit from your article. RoG has a wide readership, and while reviews may be technical, they must be accessible to geoscientists from all major disciplines. The Editorial Board will review your request and respond within about two weeks. If your proposal is accepted, the Editor in Chief will send you a formal invitation through GEMS. Because our articles are longer than average journal articles, we ask for submission within 3 months of the invitation to submit. AGU allows articles to be supplemented with dynamic content. There are no page limits or page charges.