Free Access

Open Access content – All articles published in AGU’s 4 fully open access journals, or published under an open access license in one of AGU’s hybrid journals, are available online to readers immediately upon publication.

Rolling free access – AGU has opened its digital archive. All journal articles published from 1997 to 24 months ago are now freely available without a subscription. Currently published content becomes free 24 months after the issue date. This continuously expanding content represents nearly 100,000 articles.

Commentaries, Comments, Replies, Frontier Articles – These types of manuscripts published in AGU journals are free to read when published under any license type.

Eos archive and – AGU’s Earth and space science news resource for scientists and the public is also free to readers online and accessed via the website Eos content from print issues from 1997 to 2014 is completely free to access via Wiley Online Library.

Research 4 Life – AGU is part of Research 4 Life which enables more than 8,500 institutions in low- or middle-income countries to gain free or low-cost access to AGU publications.

Free public access in UK – AGU is part of the innovative Access to Research initiative thus providing content to patrons of public libraries in the UK.