Open Access

What is Open Access?

Open access (OA) refers to journal articles and other published materials that are distributed online and are completely free to access by the reader. The costs of publication are borne by the author(s) or their funder(s) through a publication fee rather than readers or institutions through either a subscription or pay-to-view charges. This business model was the spark for a larger movement towards greater access and transparency of scientific research.

Open Access Options in AGU Journals

Gold Open Access – AGU has 4 fully open access journals where an Article Processing Charge must be paid for all published articles. These are the Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth SystemsEarth’s FutureEarth and Space Science, and GeoHealth. Authors can select one of several Creative Commons (CC) licenses. Articles published in these journals are freely available online immediately upon publication.

Hybrid Open Access – Open access an option in AGU’s other 16 AGU journals. Authors either pay no article processing charge to be published in the journal or pay an Article Processing Charge if they want an article to be available free of charge to all readers. Authors can select this option after their article is accepted. As with Gold Open Access, authors select one of several Creative Commons (CC) licenses. For those who choose this option, their article is freely available online immediately upon publication. Thus, in these AGU journals readers will find some articles available via open access while others will be behind a paywall unless their institution has a subscription.

Commentaries, Comments, Replies, Frontier Articles – These types of manuscripts published in AGU journals are free to read when published under any license type. Authors of these paper types are under no obligation to sign an open access license unless required to do so by their funder or institution policy, or by personal preference. Standard article processing charges for open access licenses will apply.

Discounts and Waivers

Funder and institutional discounts for open access – Many funders and institutions now completely cover or take advantage of discounts on open access author publishing charges in AGU journals through accounts with our publishing partner, Wiley. These instances may apply to any author while others apply only for the corresponding author of the paper. Find out if your institution has an account.

AGU discounts and waivers – AGU through Wiley offers discounts or waivers on fees from authors under particular circumstances and from certain countries. Specific information can be found here.

In addition to Open Access articles, plenty of other AGU content is free to read, including almost two decades’ worth of articles in the digital archive. Find out more about free access to AGU publications.