Open Access

AGU Journal Content—Unlocked

All AGU journal articles published from 1997 to 24 months ago are now freely available without a subscription to anyone online, anywhere. New content becomes open after 24 months after the issue date. Articles initially published in our open access journals, or in any of our journals with an open access option, are available immediately. This continuously expanding content represents nearly 100,000 articles.

Eos, AGU’s Earth and space science news resource for scientists and the public, is now a free online publication, immediately accessible at Eos content from 1997 through 2014 is also now completely free.

Open Access Publishing: Options for Authors

* Four Open Access Journals: Articles published in our fully open access journals, Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, Earth’s Future, Earth and Space Science, and our newest journal, GeoHealth, are freely available online upon publication.  Authors can select one of several Creative Commons (CC) licenses.

* Author Choice Open Access (also called “Online Open” on Wiley’s site or “hybrid” open access): Authors may choose to make their research freely available immediately upon publication in all other AGU journals for a fee. This is done after your article is accepted. Authors can select one of several Creative Commons (CC) licenses.

* Green Open Access: AGU allows final articles to be placed in an institutional repository 6 months after publication, and allows submitted articles to be accessible on the author’s personal website. AGU also supports governmental and institutional repositories and access is available to AGU content through CHORUS, usually 12 months after publication.

* Preprints: AGU allows posting of draft or the author’s version of the accepted manuscripts on any not-for-profit preprint server that is designed to facilitate community engagement and discovery across the sciences.

* Funder and Institutional Discounts for Open Access: Many institutions cover completely or offer discounts off of open-access author publishing charges in AGU journals through accounts with our publishing partner Wiley. Some may apply to any author; others to just the corresponding author of the paper. Some may apply to fully open access journals only (such as Earth’s Future, GeoHealth, JAMES, and Earth and Space Science), whereas others may apply to open access in subscription journals (hybrid open access). Please check here to find out if your institution has an account.

In addition, AGU through Wiley offers discounts or waivers on fees from authors in certain countries.  See here for a list and additional information.

Increasing Access to Research for the Public and in Developing Countries

AGU also makes recent content immediately available for free to the public and scientific research communities through a variety of programs. AGU is part of the innovative Access to Research initiative, which provides content to patrons of U.K. public libraries, and the Research 4 Life program, enabling more than 5000 institutions in developing countries to gain free or low-cost access.