Perspectives of Earth and Space Scientists

Perspectives of Earth and Space Scientists is a Gold Open Access collection of memoirs, essays and insights by AGU Fellows and other invited authors reflecting on important scientific discoveries, advances, and events in Earth and space science.

Created as part of AGU’s Centennial celebration, this publication will capture the professional and personal stories of science, as related by AGU Fellows. These open access articles are intended to be read and understood by the larger geosciences community and the general science-interested public.

Telling the stories of the people and the achievements of the past is a critical part of understanding the possibilities of the future, inspiring the world to see the value of science and making the connections needed to drive sustainable solutions for our future. As we work to build a diverse, inclusive and supportive Earth and space science community, the inspirational voices and stories of the leaders who have paved the way connects people and bridges communities.

AGU Fellows are leading authorities in Earth and space science. Their work has shaped and transformed our science, bridging disciplines and communities. Perspectives of Earth and Space Scientists is the place where these leading authorities share their journey and reflect on scientific discovery and innovation, and its impact on society.

For more information, read our From the Prow post.

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