Kaula Award

The William Kaula Award recognizes unselfish service to the scientific community through extraordinary dedication to, and exceptional efforts on behalf of, the Union’s publications program. Individuals may be recognized for such contributions as outstanding reviewing, editorial service beyond expectations, and innovative leadership. It is fitting that recognition to the publications program be named in honor of William Kaula, who gave unstintingly of his talents and energies to AGU publications. He served as Editor of Reviews of Geophysics and JGR-Solid Earth, led the development of a number of policies and practices during his service on the Publications Committee, was a mentor to more junior scientists serving as journal Associate Editors and Editors, and pressed always for higher standards for AGU journals.

In even-numbered years, the Publications Committee selects a recipient, who will be recognized at the Editors’ Evening at Fall Meeting and through Eos. Opportunities to nominate candidates are made known to the Editors, Associate Editors, Section Officers, and the general membership.  As with all Union awards, the selection is submitted to the Council Leadership Team for approval.

Past Recipients:

  • 2010  George Hornberger
  • 2008  Karl Turekian
  • 2006  William Hinze
  • 2004  Marcia Neugebauer
  • 2003  Alexander Dessler